Milliken Place
Traverse City, MI

Milliken Place is a renovation of an existing historic building.  The original brick and windows had been covered over in a previous remodel with synthetic stucco cladding.  In this new renovation, the synthetic stucco cladding was stripped off down to the original brick.  An entirely new brick facing, window openings, cornice moldings, lintels, sills, and pilasters were constructed over the original brick.  The design of the new façade was influenced by historic photos and the desire to make the building’s appearance both fit in to the surrounding area and  serve as a focal point on an important street corner.  This was further accomplished by making the corner of the building taller and adding windows above the second floor windows to make it appear as a tower element.  The ground level features large storefront windows, and the second floor has bay windows.  A horizontal cornice molding divides the first floor from the second floor.  The building is composed of multiple lease spaces including office, retail, and a coffee shop.